This Halloween is coming up quick!!

My children love Halloween and enjoy when I make their costumes. A few years ago they loved dressing alike, one year Jamard was Mario and Aiyana was Princess Peach. It was the cutest set ever! Making them match was the best part of Halloween! But last year Jamard said he was too old to dress a like his sister and I will admit I was a little heartbroken.

This year he will be a dragon since he did not know exactly what he wanted. This hoodie was a great fit and he loves it, even wore it in 90 degree weather.

Limitless Hoodie from Made by Runi


Aiyana on the other hand knew exactly what she wanted to be. She is obsessed with My Little Pony and she recently discovered the Equestrian Girl. She fell in love with the Fluttershy outfit and knew she had to have it.

Today I will go over how I use the Summer love pattern from Ellie and Mac and hack it to make this dress for my girl.


First I wanted to go over the Summer love pattern by Ellie and Mac. This is a quick sew up and it was a great summer pattern. I love that I could use woven and knit fabric for this pattern. It comes in a top and dress version making the possibilities endless.

Click the picture to buy this pattern. Affliated link


First I started by making the bodice more of an A line style. She is tall for her age so I cut the length of the dress at a size 6 according to their sizing. I then graded from the waist line out to make it more flowy, and just took it out as much as I felt was comfortable. I cut 2 on the fold so that I could have front and back.

For the sleeves, instead of cutting two on the fold square I cut 2 tulle on the fold and also cut a 1.5” stripe also the width of the pattern piece. I also cut two 4” stripes for the bottom band to match the bottom of my dress

Arm sleeves
Bottom band pieces

Now the Construction of the dress. I followed along with the pattern and sew the sides together. Then I serger the top of the dress to make sure the fabric doesn’t fray. I did not cut any of the fabric. I folded the top serged part down .5” and sew around leaving a small opening to insert my elastic.

Before I add elastic to the top I added single fold bias tape to the waistline, this helps make the dress flare out more and be more snug at the waist. I know you can make your own bias tape but I used premade because no one will see the inside and I was lazy.

When sewing it down I draw a line on my fabric so that my tape is straight and then I sew down the top part all around and then the bottom I leave open a small opening to insert the elastic. 

Now I used my favorite toll for threading elastic. It is called a Bodkin and I use it all the time to thread my elastic. It makes it so much easier for me and I don’t ever lose the elastic. Click the picture if you would like to buy one. 

Now because this is a tight fit and I am using knitted elastic I always color on the tip of my elastic, this helps me not twist up the elastic while I’m pulling it though. The way I color them is to once they are touching the colors will touch each other. After I insert the elastic I then close the remaining hole I left open to put it in. Now the bodice is mostly complete.

Now we will move to the sleeves, I serged the 1.5” stripe to the tulle right sides together. Then I opened it up and push the seam allowance towards top stripe. I then folded the top over the seam allowance and top stitched. After that I inserted the elastic and sew the sides together. When adding the sleeves to the dress I find the side seams in the arm and the side of the dress and put right sides together and sewed it down. After I added the sleeves I added the bottom bands to the dress.

My daughter instantly fell in love with the dress and the matching ears were a perfect touch. The ears are an addon pattern from Eunoia Patterns. Link to the pattern will be on the picture.

Click to buy ear pattern

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